About us

School Stuff is one of the innovative and extensively experienced agency of its kind in Pakistan. Our services often incorporate everything for school, colleges and universities students like course books, reference books, stationary, uniform, etc. We strongly believe on the right services at the right time, so our express delivery services within city is very useful for those parents and students who are very conscious to save the time for their future.


School Stuff are also advanced in creating highly experiential works in “photocopy and printing services” at the doorstep. We are culture of your dreamers and doers who prove that buying stationary and other related stuff is not that difficult task for moms whose husbands are not at home / out stationed. When we are innovated and devotedly dedicate to our services we are happiest. We are also known for the challenges which students faces during the hostel life. “Our Express Shipping is free for all those girls who lived in hostels”.


Additionally, timeliness, quality and convenience is our main focus by embracing the interactivity of an online platform where you can upload your data confidentially at our web portal we would provide the prints at your doorstep, tailoring experience to online insight. Whether, we are providing the best of our services from our online store but our main focus is to satisfy you and your loved ones by providing the excellent and state-of-the-art services in minimal time.


The fundamental art of consumption is browsing the web page while visiting particular site, and we know that you are looking something new and innovative and keeping same in our mind at www.schoolstuff.com.pk we respect audiences by respecting the needs of audiences. We daily try to create something new which provides convenience to people by using our web portal and our innovations at once catches your eyes while deeply drawing your experience.



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