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Excel Maths Early Skills Book 3 (Books 7-10) Combined

Rs 412.50
Bev Dunbar Based on the curriculum, the Excel Early Skills series covers a wide range of Maths topics to give children of preschool and year 1 a head start for the school years to come. The series offers a systematic and comprehensive program of ten books on Maths compiled into three volumes. A clear and easy to follow page design has been developed in the books with explicit explanations. The activities in each book are divided into double pages which allow children to practice one particular skill many times, so that it is reinforced. Every page has an extra extension activity to further enrich children’s learning. Each book also has a cheerful, brightly colored border design, along with fun illustrations, to attract children’s interest. Excel Maths Teaching Guides have been written to accompany the Excel Early Skills Maths textbooks and should prove to be a valuable tool for teaching this excellent series
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ISBN 9780195472561
Weight in kg 0.3200
Readership / Level For Pre-Primary
Rights For sale in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistani schools in the Middle East only
Binding Paperback